Are you confused about the infection control qualifications required in the cosmetic tattoo industry? Here’s some help.

As most of you will know, in each state and territory you require an infection control qualification to obtain a local council licence to operate legally in conducting skin penetration/cosmetic tattoo on your premises.

To obtain the only nationally recognised cosmetic tattoo qualification, Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing (SHBBSKS003), you also need an infection control qualification, the one required for the Beauty Therapy Diploma – Maintain Infection Control Standards (SHBBINF001).

Will SHBBINF001 be accepted by your local council for your licence to operate? In most cases at this time, yes – in Queensland, unfortunately, no. In Queensland you’ll need one of the following:

HLTIN402C – Maintain Infection Control Standards in Office practice settings (still current)
HLTIN402B Maintain Infection Control Standards in Office practice setting (superseded)
HLTIN2A Maintain Infection Control Standards in Office practice settings (superseded)

HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention & Skin Penetration
Identify, manage and control infection risks to others.

Council Approval – Personal Appearance Service Licence
Approval for ‘higher risk’ services (e.g. Cosmetic Tattooing).

The HLTINF005 qualification, which is targeted at skin penetration, seems to be where states/councils around Australia may be heading. We have argued with regulators that the SHBB qualification should be adequate, but not successfully.

For this reason THink Aesthetics (RTO 45188) has applied to have HLTINF005 on our RTO scope. We have in fact prepared a combined course including the SHBBINF001 qualification and are on track to be delivering it by the end of May. This will hopefully make life easier for everyone.

Please feel free to contact us at THink if you have any further questions or need any Infection Control Certificates for Cosmetic Tattooists or require help navigating your infection control qualification(s)

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April 04, 2019 — Robert McGowan

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