Lots of elements come into the perfect cosmetic tattoo. Whether it be technique, shape or colour – its important to get it right! Find yourself questioning your colour choice? Here’s our advice for you!

Prep the Skin!
  1. Clean the forehead and brows.
  2. Choose natural lighting for swatching.
  3. Look at the client’s skin tones and overall look.
Test the Pigments!
  1. Simplify your base to 1 of 3 base categories – LightMedium or Dark brow pigments
  2. Shortlist a few cosmetic tattoo pigments with varying undertones to test against your client’s forehead.
  3. Patch test time! Using a cotton tip or gloved finger, apply a small amount of each pigment choice to the forehead.
  4. Pat, press or spread the pigment out and see how it looks on the skin.
  5. A few questions to consider –
    • Is it throwing green, yellow or red?
    • Does it look muddy, smokey or violet?
    • Does it retain its true colour?
    • Does it compliment the client’s skin and overall look?

P.S… Don’t be afraid to mix colour within the  samecosmetic tattoo pigment range to obtain the perfect colour and tone. Just remember not to mix different ranges together as you never know what might occur.

Selecting the perfect combination of undertone and depth between the pigment and skin can cause us cosmetic tattooists grief.

Fear not – we are here to help! Join us for our regular classes where we will be covering Colour Selection & Colour Correction to assist with choosing brow colours and more with a half-day class in Brisbane QLD. Followed by a half-day Cosmetic Tattoo Removal Class in the afternoon!

The above information is just 1 of 90 slides packed full of content we have prepared for you, plus practical demonstrations, Q&As and troubleshooting.

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Please feel free to contact us at THink if you have any further questions or need any help navigating your infection control qualification(s)

Call 3300 0465 or message us at info@thinkaesthetics.com.

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