Tattoo Removal for both Cosmetic Tattoo and Body Art, is a growth industry. But, what works best?

With laser tattoo removal, a major investment is require in equipment. Isn’t it amazing the old style rotary and coil machines used for body art typically cost a few hundred $, whilst the removal lasers cost $50,000 plus?

What do lasers do? They drive the pigment into the endocrine system and may deposit them in places like the lymph nodes. If the pigment is “organic” (carbon-based) a laser may create nasty by-products. The European Union Joint Research Council tattoo safety report (2003) notes carcinogenic amines can come from azo-colorants (in 60% of organic pigments).

Before removal using Colour Lift…

After first session of Colour Lift!

With liquid-based techniques you have a choice of acid or saline solutions. Both dislodge the pigment, dissolve it into the removal liquid, and then the body pushes this foreign material to the surface of the skin (i.e. out of the body). Multiple treatments are normally required. At THink we’ve had most success with glycolic-based products such as Biotouch Colour Lift, particularly with ‘mature’ tattoos.

Saline Solutions!

With new tattoos or correction of mistakes during treatment, a saline-based product can be very effective (e.g. Nouveau Pigment Remover).

The Acid Approach!

Acid-based product are typically either glycolic or lactic. Glycolic is a very mild acid, often used in skincare products as a cleaner and humectant.

With all removal techniques, multiple treatments may be required depending on the pigment, pigment depth and intensity, age and nature of the skin, product used, removal liquid, type of needle used for placement, and the skill of the technician. In all cases, take it easy to begin with and see how the tattoo and skin react to the first treatment.

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