The Point of Microblading

Getting consistently great results with your microblading requires high quality tools, particular the needles that form the blade. The sharpness and size of the needles can make the difference between blurred or uneven strokes, and nice crisp lines. Some tips:

  • A thin needle is likely to be sharper than a thicker one.
  • Less needles in a blade (say 7) does not mean the individual needles should be thicker than in a larger size (say 12) and vice versa.
  • The needles should be strong and not bend. Test this on a practice mat, watching the blades closely.
  • Needles should be super sharp. Thin, high quality, laser-sharpened stainless steel needles are harder to manufacture and therefore more expensive, but they pay for themselves many times over. They also minimise client discomfort.

7 Pin Flex Blade, 12 Pin Flex Blade, 12 Pin Hard /PCD Blade (left to right)
Same needle diameter size for all 3 microblades. 

There are so many microblades on the market it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not until you test them. Make sure you trust the supplier or the brand to avoid disappointment.

P/S: Look out for upcoming tech talks for more microblading tips and tricks!

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