THink MBC has been working with a compounding chemist to develop truly effect, and legal, numbing creams and gels. We’ve learned a lot, tested a lot, and we’re happy to share the results with you, our customers. We think we have the “Goldilocks Formulas” (not too much, not too little, but just right!)

  • It’s really, really important to get the base cream or gel right. Get them wrong and the skin won’t absorb the anaesthetic (=Pain).
  • Pre-treatment numbing cream needs to be water-based, otherwise it won’t absorb.
  • The pH of creams and gels needs to be close to 7 for the skin to absorb them quickly. Standard creams and gels are often acidic (low pH to preserve the anaesthetic), which is a problem.

Pre-numb anaesthetic cream (all areas):

  • Lignocaine 6%, Tetracaine 4% in Lipoderm cream

In-treatment gel for Lips, Brows and Paramedical:

  • Lignocaine 6%, Tetracaine 4%, Epinephrine 0.1% in water based gel (pH 7)

In-treatment gel for Eyeliner:

  • Lignocaine 4%, Tetracaine 2%, Epinephrine 0.02% in water based gel (pH 7)

These formulations can be obtained from Tugun Compounders, or you can work with your own compounder to develop an equivalent. With Tugun you can ask for the THink Formulations. Note we have no commercial relationship with Tugun, other than buying our anaesthetics from them.

TUGUN Compounding Pharmacy

–  Phone: (07) 5598 2411

–  Fax:       (07) 5598 3371

–  Email:

–  Postal Address: PO Box 639, Tugun, QLD, 4224

–  Shop 2, 457 Golden Four Drive, Tugun, QLD, 4224

Syringes of topical anaesthetic from TUGUN Compounding Pharmacy
(individual client)

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