The Future of Microblading = Featherstroke

You’ve given your client great feather stroke eyebrows using microblades and they love them. Will your client want to keep them forever? Probably. Will they last forever? No. They might look great for 12 months or so, depending on client lifestyle and care, or OK for up to 3 years with fading. So what happens when your client wants them touched-up or re-done in one, two or three years?

If you use microblades, they will have produced scar tissue that is a challenge in the next treatment and compromise your results. What will this be like in years to come when your client is coming back for the 5th or 6th set of feather stroke brows? Would you really want to be the technician dealing with aging skin that’s been sliced and scarred so many times? We think not. International experts are now saying to do no more than 3 microblading treatments per client.

High quality digital machines and needles are much, much kinder to the skin than blades. You’ll get faster healing, minimal pigment migration, better pigment retention, and no scar tissue. If you’re still microblading, you might want to think about treating yourself and your clients by switching to a precision machine. It’s also faster and easier on you, and helps create a premium result.

Key Takeaways:

  • International Experts: Maximum 3 x Microblading
  • Blades cut skin, leaving scar tissue each time
  • Digital machine needles produce micro-perforations
  • No skin trauma, faster healing
  • Better pigment retention and results
  • Happier client!

Nouveau Contour iQ Digital Machine

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