THink Eyeliner Practice Kit

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The THInk Eyeliner practice kit is here! There has never been a better time to make sure your liner is 'on fleek', or in other words, perfectly symmetrical. Now, that might sound impossible under normal circumstances, but we've curated a go to practice kit that includes some helpful... cats!

Designer winged liner has never been so easy. Simply line up one of the cat line's wing designs and voilà, cat-tastic eyeliner! Symmetrical wings every time, that can only be a good thing. And if you're just looking to practice eye enhancements or liner, we don't make the rules - you've now got yourself your very own go to winged eyeliner hack!

The THink Eyeliner Practice Kit includes:

You can't go wrong, especially for only $20 (Total Kit RRP $30)!