Finger Ring With Pigment Cup

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Finger Ring with Pigment Cup are a practical and time-saving addition to your cosmetic tattoo, tattoo or eyelash extension procedure.

  • Clips onto finger
  • Detachable cup with sponge insert
  • Flexible ring width
  • Suitable for all finger sizes
  • Disposable (single use item)

For Cosmetic Tattoo / Tattooing:
Suitable for use with blades and needles. Dispense tattoo ink or cosmetic tattoo pigment into pigment cup (with or without the sponge).

While dipping into the Finger Ring to get your pigment, your blade or needle hits the sponge instead of the bottom or side of the pigment pot - reducing the risk of damaging your microblade or machine needle.

For Eyelash Extensions:
Remove the sponge insert (if desired) and dispense eyelash extension glue.

If using with sharp tools or object (e.g. needle, blade or sharp tweesers), we advise caution to avoid needle stick injuries when using in close proximity to the face.

Colour: Black or Pink

Quantity: 50 rings / pack