KB Pro Adjuster Pigments

The  KB Pro Adjuster Pigments  are an amazing pigment range by the award winning Karen Betts from the United Kingdom. This amazing brow adjuster or corrector pigment range is now in Australia and THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies are its official distributors. The KB Pro Pigments (Karen Betts Professional pigments) are an intermixable brow pigment line that offers more choice than any other pigment range and contains skin-kind humectant ingredients that help the skin to retain moisture (this can aid healing after treatments). After many years of using other pigment brands, Karen decided to create her own professional pigment range to use. After 2 years of development with Karen's Elite Permanent Makeup Team and a leading pigment Chemist the KB Pro Brow range was formulated and ready for release. Karens' attention to detail and constant working with her chemist has transformed the KB Pro Pigments into an award winning pigment range at the Micropigmentation UK Awards (MPUK), having received the following awards:
  • 2016 Pigments Industry Innovation Award
  • 2017 Best Pigment Range
  • 2018 Best Pigment Range
  • 2019 Best Pigment Range
The pigments have wowed the judges over the years beating many reputable and well known pigment brands. They are the perfect formula for the long-lasting, beautifully natural brows that clients desire. The addition of antiseptic properties in the KB Pro pigments means that the wellbeing and safety of your clients is always at the forefront. A pigment line that you can trust! Suitable for all skin types and formulated in a controlled environment for consistency of colour. Perfect to adjust the tone of any pigment (warm/cool/neutral). Only a tiny amount of KB Pro Adjuster is needed and Karen has offered suggestion for Fitzpatrick Scale Skin tones to the KB Pro Adjuster Pigment Range. The KB Pro Professional Brows and Eye colour guide is a must for any technician. KB Pro Ranges include the KB Pro Adjuster Pigment Available Colours:
  • Boston (light salmon corrector),
  • Casablanca (Warner grey corrector),
  • Dubai (Violet Corrector),
  • St Lucia (Warmer dark grey/blue corrector) and
  • Vancouver (Red/orange corrector)
  • Miami (pigment dilutor)
Professional Pigments for the Professional Technician.
 Tip: Use Miami Pigment Diluter for advanced shading effects or to hydrate thicker colours which contain more titanium.