THink Thinner (Pigment Dilution Liquid) 30ml

$30.00 AUD
By THink

This glycerin based pigment mixing solution is perfect for adjusting your pigment consistency! Formulated to be used with most pigment brands to customise pigment workability.

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THink Thinner is THink's very own dilution solution!

Add as needed to cosmetic tattoo pigments until a desired consistency is reached. THink THinner is the perfect diluter with the perfect mix of ingredients to really make your pigments work for you.

  • Perfect for creating workable consistencies
  • Revitalising pigments,
  • Adjusting consistency for shading, blushing techniques etc.

A single drop can completely transform your pigment. Add to your pigment cup or straight into the bottle.

This product is made and formulated in Australia.

Type: Dilution Liquid