Infection Control Practical Assessment Pack

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Glove Size

Our Infection control practical assessment pack ensures you have all the necessary items to complete your practical assessment video for your Infection Control Training.

If you do not have a sharps container or hospital grade disinfectant to complete the practical assessment with, please select the 'Optional Extras' option.

Gloves come in varying sizes, please select your best fit before adding to cart.

Essentials Kit includes:
3x Sterile drapes
1x Disposable bed cover
1x Barrier film (small)
1x Grip tape
1x Clip cord sleeve
2x Cotton buds
2x Cotton pads
2x Disposable bowl
1x Disposable finger ring
1x Skin marker and ruler
1x Pencil
1x Microblading hand tool with blade
3x Alcohol wipes
3x Disposable gloves (pairs)
1x Disposable mask
1x Disposable hair net
1x Disposable apron
1x Band-aid
1x Autoclave pouch
1x Brush cleaning set
1x Lint free cloth

Optional Extras Includes:
1x Viraclean spray bottle 500ml
1x Sharps container 1.4L