BioTouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool

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BioTouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool in Purple is ergonomically designed to promote steady and quality feather strokes. Made specifically to work with the BioTouch screw in blades. BioTouch Threaded Microblades come in 3 different sizes. These ultra sharp and precise disposable microblades are designed to implant fine hair strokes for microblade or feather stroke brows. BioTouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool in Purple is a light-weight pen which accommodates a variety of needles. The needle securely screws on the thread hand tool providing the technician added stability and knowledge that the blade will not move during a procedure. The Hand Tool is purple in colour and has a specially designed flat head, which allows pen to stand upright, leaving the needle free of any debris in the air. Always hold the brow pen at a perpendicular angle to ensure the proper ‘twist and drag’ of the needle prongs. Do not sway side to side! Otherwise hairline strokes may be jagged or doubled. This brow pen is highly recommended for micro-blading experts Found in the BioTouch Feather Stroke Kit which contains
  • BioTouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool
  • individual samples of all the threaded blades
  • micro-blading pigment samples,
  • eyebrow pencil,
  • liquid liner,
  • practice eyebrow sheet with 5 different sample shapes and
  • a convenient white disposable, preassembled brow pen with needle.
BioTouch Threaded Microblade Screw On Needle are individually packed, sterilised using gamma rays and comes with a batch number and expiry date. It is designed to create slanted short strokes. Needles are the most secure and stable, meaning the inserted needle does not move during the procedure. The needles use a high quality grade of 316 stainless steel material, in 0.2 mm sharp needle size.
If you require more training information regarding Nationally Accredited Training for Infection Control Certificates (SHBBINF001 or HLTINF005) or the Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattoo (SHBBSKS003) contact THink Aesthetics RTO 45188 who will be happy to assist. 0733000465.
To be used by professional trained and certified technicians
THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies are an Authorized Distributor for Biotouch machines needles and Pigments If the item is out of stock feel free to call the office to find when the next shipment will be arriving.
Single Use Only.
*Can only fit Biotouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool Purple*