BioTouch 9 pin Threaded Microblade

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BioTouch 9 pin Threaded Microblade Screwed On Needle is specifically designed for use with the BioTouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool.

These ultra sharp and precise disposable microblades are designed to implant fine hair strokes for microblade or feather stroke brows. The threaded attachment mechanism to the special hand tool from BioTouch allows sturdy and complete control on how the blade moves on the skin.

The blade is guaranteed not to move during your treatment, as it is securely in place. Easy to remove after your treatment and dispose of within your sharps container. BioTouch Threaded Microblades come in 3 different sizes


    BioTouch 9 pin Threaded Microblade Screw On Needle are individually packed, sterilised using gamma rays and comes with a batch number and expiry date. It is designed to create slanted short strokes. Needles are the most secure and stable, meaning the inserted needle does not move during the procedure. The needles use a high quality grade of 316 stainless steel material, in 0.2 mm sharp needle size.

    Count: 30/Box

    Single Use Only.

    *Can only fit Biotouch Threaded Manual Hand Tool Purple*

    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Recommended by Industry Professionals and Artists.