We wouldn’t normally promote our own products or services in a Tech Talk but we do believe we have made a technical breakthrough in cosmetic tattoo pigment removal and THink Pigment Remover is the answer! The topic is a hot one because more and more people are realising that training, standards and style options have improved a lot in recent years, and their brows could now be a lot better. Some have odd shapes, uneven pigment from microblading, and uneven colourants fading. More often than not, getting a fresh start by removal of the old pigment is the best approach.

In January THink Tech Talk #15 talked about the different liquid and laser removal options. At this time we were a few months into doing trials on our own removal liquid and did not anticipate making an early breakthrough. But, by March we knew we had something special.

Laser removal is rarely a good option for cosmetic tattoo removal. Lasering the delicate skin of the face is risky, brow hair follicles can be damaged, and pigment containing titanium dioxide typically goes black. Titanium dioxide is present in most pigment ranges. It is white and is used to make the pigment lighter in colour, and in the case of lip pigments, to make them opaque (for fuller looking lips).

Even in so called organic (carbon chemical-based) pigment brands, you will typically find titanium dioxide in many pigment colours. When lasered, it is likely that the titanium (IV) oxide changes from a white mineral to titanium (III) oxide, a violet black mineral.

The alternative to the expense, pain and risk of laser removal is liquid-based techniques. These are typically either saline or acid-based liquids. Some others are more camouflage focused, containing lightening pigments such as white oxides of titanium, zinc or calcium. These can make a semi-permanent change to skin colour and look unnatural.

Check out THink Pigment Remover in action!

👆 Using Nouveau Contour iQ Machine and 5 shader needle cartridge.

Saline solutions typically work best on very recent tattoos. With acid based solutions the skin can react in different ways, and we have seen some frightening damage and scar tissue development from overly aggressive application of some acids/systems. Skin pigmentation changes and severe irritation can also occur.

THink’s technical development focussed on creating a solution that is mild on the skin yet is able to dissolve or mobilise pigment from the epidermis through cosmetic tattoo or skin needling machine techniques. We have developed and refined a formula for a mildly acidic solution that is readily accepted by the skin, allowing the pigment to migrate to the skin surface and literally be wiped away. There will normally be about three treatment sessions required, but this is usually the minimum for any removal technique.

THink Pigment Remover

Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Removal the answer is THink Pigment Remover. Suitable for removing previous work, fading unwanted pigment, shape alteration or removing unwanted strokes.

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THink Pigment Remover is now avaliable and we have been seeing amazing results! Check out the product page for a full Q&A session on the product to find out more. For further information please contact our friendly staff on 33000465 or message us at info@mbccosmetictattoo.com.au!

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