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THink Pigment Remover

$90.00 AUD

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Four years of research

Many months of trials and development

Now we can give you The Solution…

THink Pigment Remover!

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THink Pigment Remover is perfect for the following:

  • Removing previous works
  • Fading unwanted pigment
  • Shape alteration
  • Removing unwanted strokes
  • Suitable for: Brows, Lips, Camouflage & Areola etc


Product Q&A!

Q: Do I need training to use it?
A: This product is for professional use only. THink recommends you have training in cosmetic tattoo removal to perform procedures both safely and effectively. The procedure involves skin penetration and the technician should be qualified for this, and the premises licenced for skin penetration.

Q: How do you use it?
A: The pigment is removed exactly the same way it went in, using a cosmetic tattoo needling device. A digital machine such as the Nouveau Contour iQ is ideal, together with a suitable needle cartridge such as a 5 Shader. Also apply the liquid topically after the needling process to maximise pigment extraction.

Q: Can I just apply it topically (i.e. on the skin surface)?
A: This is unlikely to work. The remover needs to make direct contact with the pigment and the penetration of the needles through the epidermis both helps carry the remover to the pigment location, and also mechanically break down the skin microstructure encapsulating the pigment particles.

Q: What is it made of?
A: A primary active ingredient is a weak acid and the full ingredient list is on the bottle. The proportions and chemical balance, the method of preparation, and extensive trials have been conducted to optimise the different components, all proved critical to the final formulation.

Q: If it is an acid, do I have to be careful in handling it?
A: A Material Safety Data Sheet is provided with each bottle. It is a weak acid and should be treated as such. It is no more acidic than some household chemicals, foods and drinks.

Q: Can I use it on body art tattoos?
A: Body art tattoos are typically deeper, with the pigment being in the dermis, which is why they do not fade. THink is conducting trials on body art tattoo removal to test both effectiveness and safety. Until those trails are complete, we do not recommend using the remover on body art.

Q: What cosmetic tattoos can I use it on?
A: All brow, lip, camouflage and areola treatments should be suitable for treatment. The effectiveness may depend on the depth of the original pigment placement; if it has gone too deep and into the dermis it will not be reached with the maximum of 0.5mm needle penetration. Unusual pigments, prior laser treatment, and the prior development of scar tissue may also impact effectiveness.

Q: Can I use it on eyeliner?
A: This should only be attempted by a highly experienced technician. We recommend particular caution with use on eyeliner and no remover solution should come into contact with the eye. As per the MSDS, flush with water if this occurs. The treatment should be particularly gentle and include all the normal precautions used in cosmetic tattooing of the eyelids.

Q: Can I use topical anaesthetic?
A: Yes, however the in-treatment gel should be epinephrine-free. This vasoconstrictor tends to limit the movement of fluid and therefore release of pigment through the epidermis.

Q: How many treatments will the client need to remove a cosmetic tattoo?
A: That depends on the tattoo age, type of pigment, extent of any scar tissue (e.g. from
microblading) and skill of the technician. THink typically finds 3 treatments adequate, with a small amount of pigment remaining. Typically, a lot of pigment comes out in the first and second treatments. If it does not, the technician should investigate further the nature and history of the tattoo they are treating, possibly reassess their technique, and seek further advice from THInk or other suitably qualified professionals. There is no guarantee the remover will work for all

Q: Is it vegan, gluten free and animal cruelty free?
A: Yes to all.

Q: Should I do a patch test on the client?
A: Yes, as indicated on the instruction for use inside the box.

Q: Is it suitable for scalp micropigmentation removal?
A: We are in the early stages of trials on SMP. Pigments based on pure carbon may be more difficult to remove. We recommend a trial on a discrete patch of SMP to start with.

Q: Can I use a pigment with the remover as part of a camouflage treatment?
A: No, for the same reasons the remover pulls pigment into solution and out of the skin, any pigment added to the remover will stay in the remover and not in the skin.