The Best needles for featherstroke can be a difficult question – lets discuss some of the options. Wonderful hair like cosmetic tattoo brow procedures can be performed by digital machines and microblades. Creating the natural look is paramount to your customer, but what to choose.


If you have a digital machine from a leading brand like Nouveau Contour, you can provide a complete range of cosmetic tattoo procedures, from the finest feather strokes, through to eyeliner, full lips, areola simulation and scalp micropigmentation.

In each case you just need the right needle cartridge configuration. If you’re still microblading, you’re rather limited. We can’t cover all the needle cartridge options in one Tech Talk, so here’s our first topic: Featherstroke

Featherstroke, feather touch or hairstroke with a digital machine provides similar results to microblading, but usually with better precision, finer strokes (if desired), more even pigment placement, and better pigment retention. There’s also the advantage of minimal scar tissue formation.

reat option for needles for featherstroke are to use 1-Point Nano in 0.2 or 0.25mm sizes for the finest strokes. 1-Point Micro or Liner will be less fine, and 3-Point Micro will provide thicker strokes. You can also use the straight 3-Point sloped and 4-Flat for bolder stokes and more rapid pigment placement.

THink is getting great feedback on the latest NT needle for featherstroke brows – it is for very fine hairstrokes. These are nano needles with a tiny tube around them (N=nano T=tube) for greater precision and zero vibration. They come in the same sizes as the normal nano needles (0.25mm).

Digital blading has also just hit the market with a nano needle or cartridge set in a slope formation (either 3 slope or 5 slope) working on the angle – just like a microblade, however with all the benefits of a digital cartridge.

There are 21 different needle cartridge configurations in the Nouveau Contour range. We’ll guide you through the best needles for other cosmetic tattoo techniques in upcoming Tech Talks in this series. We’d love any comments you have to share on your personal experiences with the different configurations.

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October 16, 2018 — Robert McGowan

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