Topical Anaesthetics we know, it’s a pain, and it shouldn’t be.

We still get questions all the time about sourcing topical anaesthetics or numbing cream in Australia for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Behind the scenes we continue to work hard to find a great long term solution for you. We have some developments in terms of your options for good supplies.

You probably know that anything less than 5% anaesthetic doesn’t work well enough for cosmetic tattooing (e.g. Emla and Numit cream are available over-the-counter, but not usually adequate for a cosmetic tattoo or PMU procedure). Anything over 10% anaesthetic needs a doctor’s prescription. Between 5 and 10% is only available via a Compounding Pharmacy, i.e. they make the ‘medicine’ (anaesthetic) for the ‘patient’ (your client).

Sample topical anaesthetic cream and gel

After lots of experimentation we recommend both the numbing cream (for pre-numb) and numbing gel (for in-treatment use) have 6% Lidocaine and 4% Tetracaine (a bit lower for eyeliner). For the gel (when you’ve penetrated the skin) you need epinephrine in the mix to minimise bleeding (we suggest 0.1%).

That’s the easy bit. Not all topical anaesthetics are made equal! Even if you use this ‘recipe’, the results will depend a lot on the quality and form of the anaesthetic used, the base cream/gel, the pH and so on. As well as with Tugun Compounding Pharmacy, we have been working with another compounder to give you a great option:

Keperra Compounding Pharmacy


Keperra Compounding Pharmacy contact details


For convenience and to save costs, we have a wonderful agreement with the Keperra Compounding Pharmacy (KCP) where you

  • register your clinic with the Keperra Compounding Pharmacy
  • You receive a link for a Medication History Form for your customer to complete which is sent directly to the Pharmacist
  • The Pharmacist ensures the topical anaesthetics are safe to dispense
  • your customer pays Keperra Compounding Pharmacy directly
  • numbing cream (topical anaestheic and gel) gets delivered to your registered clinic before your treatment.

Couldn’t be easier…

For further information please contact Liz 0474926622 or at

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