Stay on trend with Ombre Brows as our industry continues to evolve rapidly it is important to stay “on trend” with your techniques and capability. Microblade, Featherstroke of feather touch eyebrows are now being ‘over-shadowed’ by interest in Ombre Brows,. This is an amazing technique of shading brows from light at the bulb of the brow to dark at the tail to create a more subtle look than conventional powder brows. To achieve this you absolutely have to have a digital machine that can rapidly perforate the skin without tearing it.


The Feather Stroke eyebrow style.


The new Ombre Brow healing process. -before, after, healed and after touchup

The Ombre technique for eyebrows is also your new best friend in dealing with oily skin and skin with larger pores. With the featherstroke technique in particular you may be familiar with issues of pigment migration as dispersion occurs in the oily pockets that can be caused by sebaceous glands and pores, as well as the stroke irregularities that can be caused by larger pores,.

We are also finding that pigment retention is typically better with Ombre than Featherstroke brows, and the pattern of eventual fading is quite even.

If your client is after a relatively natural style that looks like they have simply done a great job on their make-up every day, Ombre is a winner.

If you need a digital machine or Master Class training to start providing Ombre Brows to your clients, please contact THink MBC or THink Aesthetics – stay on trend with ombre brows.

Our Machine Recommendations:


Nouveau HD Intelligent Machine


Nouveau Contour iQ Digital Machine with handpiece and needle

Up-Coming Ombre Master Class Dates:

Wednesday July 4th | Tuesday July 31st | Monday August 13th.

Enrol now by visiting our website for course dates, or call us on 07 3300 0465 for more information on our training and certification services.

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