THink Brow Mapping Ruler Stickers (50 pk)

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By THink

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THink Brow Mapping Ruler Stickers are perfect to use for brow mapping during brow shaping, henna or cosmetic tattoo treatments to ensure symmetry, even length, shape and placement of brows.

This product is disposable and easy to use with a self-adhesive design, simply remove backing and place sticker horizontally above eyebrows, starting from centre point of face moving outwards. Directions for use:

  • Choose desired brow shape with customer
  • Remove the required Magic Strip Brow Stencil from box
  • measure the centre line of your customers face
  • Put stencil in place on customers current brows, matching up the centre line
  • Stick the THink Brow Mapping Ruler Stickers into place .
  • Trace desired shape with sharpened brow marking pencil or surgical marker or THink Maping String
  • remove stencil and ensure shape is approved by the customer.
  • commence cosmetic tattoo treatment
  • Discard stencil after use (single use only)

Quantity: 50 stickers per pack