Respirator Face Masks KN95 (Pack 10)

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Respirator face masks of high quality (KN95 and FFP2) are available now for additional protection during this COVID-19 pandemic. Manufactured to meet strict world standards this respirator mask is successful in filtering more than 95% of airborne particles. Made with high efficiency electrostatic non-woven melt blown fabric and hot cotton non-woven high efficiency filter layer. This respirator face mask KN95 has the 3D three-dimentional shape designed to contour the face, ensuring tightness, maximising comfort while wearing the respirator mask. Respirator face mask information
  • Soft and very comfortable, fitting snugly to the face.
  • Re-usable only with proper handling.
  • Original sterile packing if bought in lots of 10.
  • validity of respirator is 3 years from production date (see the seal on the bag)
It is important to done and doff the masks correctly.
Important steps to follow for putting on a face (donning) mask
  • Wash hands with alcohol-based hand wash/rub or soap and water
  • apply white face mask to the face (skin should be dry)
  • cover nose and mouth with mask
  • put earloops around ears
  • ensure top of respirator mask at nose ridge is pinched in to contour to your nose shape
  • 3D three-dimentional shape to cover nose, mouth and chin.
  • ensure there are no gaps between face and mask
Try to avoid touching the mask while you are wearing the disposable face mask. Replace the mask if it becomes wet or damp.
Disposal of a used mask is just as important as putting the mask on correctly.
  • remove mask by ear strings ONLY
  • Do NOT touch front of mask.
  • Dispose of immediately in a bin - closed bin (bin with a lid) is preferable
  • clean hands with alcohol-based hand wash/rub or soap and water