Pigment Cup Medium (100pc)

Pigment cup medium Pack includes 100 pigment pots (without sponge). This pigment pot can hold your pigment during your cosmetic tattoo procedure, and can be disposed of after the completion of your treatment, ensuring best practice for infection control procedures. These pigment pots will sit nicely in the Nouveau Contour Pigment Cup holder which can hold 3 pigment wells to enable various colours and numbing gel for during a treatment. Or if you want more colours during your treatment consider the Pigment Holder Dish (7 wells) Dimensions:
  • Total width: 17.5 mm
  • Inside edge width: 12 mm
  • Height: 10-12 mm
  • Disposed of after use
  Tip Always be aware do not touch the bottom of the pigment cup medium when dipping your handtool blade or needle into your pigment pot - could risk bending your blades or needles.