Nouveau Organic Corrector Pigments

The Nouveau Organic Corrector Pigment Range from Nouveau Contour is a new formulation in a new bottle, and gives fabulous results! Very high concentration of pigment, bright colours, limited follow-up treatments. No migration, bright colours and good pigment retention. The Organic Corrector pigments from Nouveau Contour are totally organic and free of iron oxides. The pigment composition contains less alcohol therefore the same pigment volume contains more pigment. The result is a higher concentration of pigment will remain in the skin, resulting in bright colours.. An additional advantage is that the low concentration of alcohol will dry out the pigment less quickly. During the procedure, the pigment is more easily inserted into the skin. The colours remain clear and fresh. After healing, the results are very natural and follow-up treatments are limited. Nouveau Organic Corrector Pigments are ideal for all your correction needs. With the amazing Blue Out, Purple Out, Lilac Out, Dark Red Out and Light Red Out pigments available. Exceptional for machine work or microbladers.  This pigment line is indispensable for all cosmetic tattoo and PMU technicians performing eyebrow, lip or eyeliner correction treatments. Team these correctors up with the other Nouveau pigments in the organic range of brow colours, lips colours, eyeliner colours and areola colours.
  • 100% organic pigments
  • Free from iron oxides
  • Less alcohol
  • Higher concentration of pigment
  • Bright colours
  • Very natural results
  • add a drop or two of the corrector pigments to the chosen pigment to aid with colour correction
* Available in 10ml bottles (with some SAMPLE sized 5ml bottles available - limited colours only). Nouveau Organic Corrector Range Includes: 651 Blue Out, 653 Purple Out, 655 Lilac Out, 657 Dark Red Out, 659 Light Red Out It is advisable to get additional training in colour correction, contact THink Aesthetics for colour correction and removal training if required.