Nouveau Fusion Lip Pigments

Nouveau Fusion Lip Pigments are instore now! New bottles and and amazing new formula 10 great lip pigment colours and great pigment retention. The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an state of the art pigment formula. The advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments remain very stable in the skin. The organic component -free from iron oxides- ensures the clear colour and great pigment retention. Colour changes to grey or red are now a thing of the past and the healed results are extremely soft and very natural. Nouveau Contour Fusion Lip Pigments are ideal for all your lip tattoo needs. Exceptional for machine work.  This pigment line is indispensable for all cosmetic tattoo and PMU technicians performing eyebrow, lip or eyeliner correction treatments.
  • State of the art pigment formula meeting European Union (EU) pigment regulations
  • Innovative pigment formula
  • 10 lip colours
  • Excellent pigment retention
  • Very natural client outcomes
  • add a drop or two of the corrector pigments to the chosen pigment to aid with colour correction
Check out all the eyebrow pigment colours in the unique Nouveau Contour Colour Identification System. All the colours within a quick to access colour guide. Nouveau Contour fusion pigments meet all the European Union (EU) pigment regulations and are safe for use. Other colours in the Fusion range include 12 Nouveau Contour Fusion Brow Pigments. Nouveau Contour Fusion Lip Range Includes: 870 Orange Juice, 872 Lady in Red, 874 Roses are Red, 876 Raspberry Red, 878 Rosewood, 880 Red Cherry, 882 Auburn Rose, 884 Spice it up!, 886 Ruby Red, 888 Soft Mocca Pigment is sometimes referred to as ink. It is advisable to get additional training in colour correction, contact THink Aesthetics for colour correction and removal training if required.