Nouveau Fusion Brow Pigments

Nouveau Fusion Brow Pigments are instore now! New bottles and amazing new formula 12 wonderful bright brow colours and great pigment retention. The Fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an state of the art pigment formula. The advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments remain very stable in the skin so there is just a minimum chance of migration. The organic component -free from iron oxides- ensures the clear colour and great pigment retention. Colour changes to grey or red are now a thing of the past and the healed results are extremely soft and very natural. Nouveau Fusion Brow Pigments are ideal for the eyebrow ombre technique with amazing results. Hair strokes can also be performed very accurately and perfectly. Exceptional for machine work or microbladers.  This pigment line is indispensable for all cosmetic tattoo and PMU technicians performing eyebrow treatments.
  • State of the art pigment formula meeting European Union (EU) pigment regulations
  • 12 Bright colors
  • Excellent pigment retention
  • No colour changes to grey or red
  • Very natural client outcomes
*Nouveau Fusion Brow Pigments are available in 10ml bottles with a unique pump bottle dispenser. (some SAMPLE sized 5ml bottles are available for purchase - 808 Clay, 818 Antique Brown). Check out all the eyebrow pigment colours in the unique Nouveau Contour Colour Identification System. All the colours within a quick to access colour guide. Nouveau Contour fusion pigments meet all the European Union (EU) pigment regulations and are safe for use. Other colours in the Fusion range include 4 Nouveau Fusion Corrector Pigments And be on the lookout for the upcoming Nouveau Fusion Lip Colours - due for release early 2020. Nouveau Fusion Brow Range Includes: 800 Caramel, 802 Tawny, 804 Tender Taupe, 806 Brunette, 808 Clay, 810 Smoke, 812 Bronze, 814 Truffle, 816 Irish Coffee, 818 Antique Brown, 820 Black Brown, 822 Arab Brown Pigment is sometimes referred to as ink.