Nouveau Contour Digital Needle - 1 Micro

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Nouveau Contour Digital Needle Cartridges

1 Point Micro

Great for creating fine hair strokes.

The Nouveau Contour digital needle cartridge system works unlike anything on the market today. Quality and safety are of the utmost concern and Nouveau Contour has built its worldwide reputation on it.

The quality of the Nouveau needles ensures your results are carried through to every one of your customers. Nouveau Contour is concerned about client safety. Safety features are packed into each of the 21 different needles configurations.

  • Internal membranes or (diaphragms as they are sometimes called).
  • Ultra fine, high quality needles
  • Highest quality stainless steel
  • Ultra sharp needle tips
  • Needle retraction when the digital machine is turned off

The membranes ensure there is no backflow of pigment and bodily fluids into the handpiece. Additionally, airborne contaminants are prevented from entering the needle and handpiece ensuring there is no cross-contamination between clients and the highest infection control standards are maintained. The Enforced Retraction System pulls the needle out faster from the skin, which causes less trauma and is far more comfortable for the client. All needles are a single use only - with batch numbers and sterility dates clearly labelled.

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