Nouveau Colour Identification System (CIS)

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Nouveau Colour Identification System (CIS) is an essential and complete guide to choosing the correct Nouveau Pigment colour and more!

This unique pigment guide contain all the Nouveau Contour Pigments from the Organic Range and the Fusion Range. Designed to make choosing the perfect pigment easy for each procedure and every skin type! With practical information including:

  • Pigment undertone (warm or cool)
  • Pigment colour depth
  • Suitable treatment areas
  • Fitzpatrick Scale recommendations
  • True colour swatches

Re-designed with the technician in mind - an easy to use system that fans out and has a plastic coating for ease of cleaning after use.

The complete range at your fingertips with all pigments included from the Nouveau Contour Organic & Fusion Ranges - Brows, Lips, Eyes, Camouflage, Corrector and Areola Colours. 

Even better, the easy to use guide can be easily updated with any new pigment releases from Nouveau Contour. Simply unscrew the screw and insert the new pages to the Colour Identification System (CIS) and voila you have the up to date pigments.

For additional help on choosing brow colours refer to your Tech Talk on Choosing Brow Colours For Cosmetic Tattooists!