Mini Alcohol Swabs

Mini Alcohol swabs or wipes (as they are sometimes called) are pre-moistened wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. These swabs are an effective germicidal and anti-bacterial swab used to wipe over smal areas prior to a skin penetration procedure like tattooing or skin needling. Each swab comes individually wrapped with easy-tear cut for ease of opening. Handy and convenient multi-purpose surface wipes, which leaves a fresh, hygienic scent on the wiped surface. Suitable for cleaning small body surfaces prior to a skin penetration procedure and for use around the clinic or the office to disinfect small areas. Mini Alcohol swabs or wipes are ideal for use on the small treatment areas required for cosmetic tattooing (Permanent Makeup - PMU) to ensure infection control procedures are followed and decrease the risk of infection. Individaully wrapped and disposed of after use. Wipe Size: 62 x 30mm Unit: 100pcs/box If you require further training for proper Infection Control Procedures See THink Aesthetics (RTO 45188) Nationally Accredited Infection Control Training (Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration - HLTINF005 and Maintain Infection Control Standards - SHBBINF001) Always maintain standard PPE during all skin penetration procedures and use hospital grade disinfectants and/or alcohol swabs or wipes for all surfaces. (PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - examples include gloves, aprons, mask, respirator, face visor, and hair net/caps are recommended but not required.) NOTE: This product cannot be exported to countries outside of Australia during  the COVID-19 human biosecurity period. (Government regulation). If you are from another country and attempt to purchase this product, you will be refunded as soon as is practical. Due to COVID-19 supply of this product is at a premium and cost reflects increased supply costs from warehouse suppliers.