Microblade Sampler Pack (8 pcs)

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Our Microblade Sampler Pack is complete with a variety of flexi and PCD type blades, as well as various pins and shapes. This sampler pack lets you find your fit with 8 different sizes and types of blades to compare. Perfect for a microblading artist or feather stroke artist trying to find their 'best fit'.

Micro Blade Sampler Pack includes:

  • 7 Pin White (Flexi)
  • 9 Pin White (Flexi)
  • 11 Pin White (Flexi)
  • 12 Pin White (Flexi)
  • 12 Pin Gold (PCD)
  • 14 Pin Gold (PCD)
  • U Shape White (Flexi)
  • U Shape Gold (PCD)

Quantity: 8 individual blades / pack

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Recommended by Industry Professionals and Artists.