Medical Skin Marker and Ruler

$6.00 $9.00
Tondus Medical skin markers are designed to allow the technician to conveniently outline selected sites brows, eyeliner, lips areola etc, prior to or during a cosmetic tattoo procedure. The Medical Skin Marker is non toxic with a highly visible violet coloured ink. Two different size end tip sizes are available in the one pen. The thicker end is 1mm in diameter and the smaller more refinded tip is 0.5mm in diameter. Tondus Surgical Skin Pens produce ultra fine and medium lines, with high visibility on skin surfaces during cosmetic tattoo procedures. The accompanying ruler in each pack, permits accurate measurement (marked metrically and in inches), and provides a straight line while having the flexibility to conform to all body contours. The pen is silver in colour and the white flexible ruler are steralized in a hygenically sealed package. It is advisable to ensure the skin surface has been wiped with a alcohol wipe prior to marking in with your medical marker. Then blot off any excess ink with a tissue. This will ensure the dots and marks will temporarily colour the skin allowing the technician to continue with their procedure. Your marked dots or lines will not disappear during your procedure. Feel confident your outlined brow, eyeliner, lips, areola etc will be visable during the whole appointment time. At the completion of your treatment if are having problems removing the violet ink use the magic eraser which works wonders for removing the marker and enables your customer to leave without any visable violet marker dots. Or additionally the violet dots will naturally wear off over the next few hours. Tip Size: 1mm and 0.5mm