Magic Strip Brow Stickers

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Magic Strip Brow Stickers are a game changer when it comes to marking and measuring ensuring precise even brows! Magic Strip Brow Stickers are easy to use. These amazing stickers make the marking and measuring your client's eyebrows easy. Simply find the closest shape, mark the center, tape the Magic Strip onto the eyebrow area and start marking! Cut down on precious time when trying to markup and measure your clients brows.

Directions for use:

  1. Choose desired brow shape stencil style
  2. Find the center of your customers face and remover the sticker
  3. Place the centerline of the sticker onto the centerline of your customers face
  4. Take you surgical marker or brow pencil and mark around the edge of the eyebrow design
  5. Remove the sticker and make any alterations to suit your customer, checking for symmetry using calipers, etc.

Find you have your favourite Magic Strip Brow Stencil? Why not try our box of the single design with 45 pieces of the same design (limited styles).


Quantity: 45 Stickers per box

Available in: Single, or mixed design pack (12 designs)

Designs include: Classic, Exotic, Gentle, Natural, Next Time, Straight Up & Wild.