Magic Eraser for Skin Marker

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Magic Eraser for Surgical Skin Markers

Ever had the blue surgical marks still visable at the end of your cosmetic tattoo brow, eyeliner or lip procedure??

Frustrating isn't it - scrubbing with alcohol wipes or your numbing gel to remove these makes is never fun. Your great reveil to your customer or after photos are ruined by the odd blue dot from your surgical marker.

This Magic Eraser is your answer. This amazing pen effortlessly removes the blue dots safely so you can take flawless after photos. No more distracting dots, easily remove the dots from your clients skin with this magic pen before you show your customer their amazing new brows, lips or eyeliner.

This Magic Eraser product is specially designed to safely erase the markings left behind from surgical skin markers.

Each eraser contains the magic pen and 4 magic tips ( 4 spare tips) To maintain good infection control procedures a new tip should be used on each new client. The used tip is disposed of after use (not the whole pen - just the tip is disposed of ?)

How to use - insert the new tip into the magic eraser gently place tip over surgical marker dot to be removed on the skin and gently colour over the surgical blue dot/mark. Like magic the dot will disappear. leaving you to give the great reveal and afterphotos for your customer.

This product has been tested on most surgical markers on the market but sucess is not guarenteed. It is advisable to perform some testing with your current surgical marker prior to use on your client to ensure it works with your specific surgical marker. As with all products, this product should be spot tested on your client before use. Note colour of magic eraser pen may change depending on availability.

Can be called Marker Remover