Elleebana Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare 10ml

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Elleebana's Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare is the perfect daily treatment to maintain optimum lash lift results and lash health, helping to eliminate frizzy hair whilst providing softness and shine to lashes and brows .

Containing 100+ uses in every tube, this must-have system contains 23 plant based ingredients essential for regeneration and building strength in lashes and brows alike. Imagine the most luxurious lash mask! It is perfect after a lash lift or to encourage regrowth and health in brows and beards.

  • An advanced daily treatment to maintain lash lifting results
  • Use after lifting services to keep lashes healthy, soft and shiny
  • Enriched with proteins, amino acids, keratin, arginine and hydrolysed collagen
  • Protects the hair giving longer lasting tinting or lifting results
  • Can be used on lashes, brows and beards

Pack Sizes: Single, 2 Pack, 5 Pack, 10 Pack

Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare can be purchased in bulk and re-sold to clients at RRP $35.