Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50 - 18 Point

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Box of 10 x 18 point needle cartridges, for the FX50 machine, exclusive to the Dermatude Meta Therapy system.

This 18 point facial needle module is suitable for treating entire skin zones. With a curved shape and Flex Head System, this self-correcting system has been designed to ensure a completely event treatment when used with correct technique.

The needle head with micro needles withdraws into the module when it is not connected to the hand attachment. The needle modules are fitted with a safety membrane to prevent (body) fluids from passing from the module into the hand attachment, causing possible cross-contamination.

Box Size: 10 per Pack

Composition: Polycarbonate

Compatability: Dermatude FX-50 Machine

Sterile packaged, single-use only.

All needle modules are packaged individually in a Class C (EU standard) clean room.

Please note: These cartridges are not compatible with any other system.