Cotton Tip Micro Applicator

$15.00 $20.00
Cotton Tip Micro Applicators are an essential tool for any Lash Technician or Cosmetic Tattoo technician. The micro applicator (microbrush as it is sometimes called) has a small and delicate cotton tip which consists of non-linting, non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape and is designed to easily apply cream, gel or liquid. The micro cotton tip can hold solutions (like numbing gel used during a cosmetic tatttoo procedure) in suspension, eliminating dripping, spilling and waste. The small and easily bendable tip head can be bent to allow for precise application of pigment or cream in difficult to reach areas. Precision is key in the industry and these little applicators help with those delicate areas. Used to apply cream safely and maintain infection control procedures with customers. Each applicator is designed for single use only and easily disposed of after each client. Fine disposable micro applicators used for apply pigment colours and anaesthetics. Cosmetic tattoo artists love showing off their brows on social media by running a clean micro applicator through the brow hairs to show their delicate work. Team these applicators up with the cute little micro applicator despenser (100 in each container)