Brow Mapping Practice Kit

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Brow Mapping Practice Kit is here now for you to use. Perfect for working on your brow mapping skills! We've included all the tools you'll need to be drawing perfect brows in no time. When symmetrical brows really matter - you've now go the equiptment to help. Practice practice practice and then practice again. We may not be able to work on actual clients at the moment, but good ol' Molly is here to help you through! Use the calipers, try the string or use both - we've included all the brow mapping options to draw those perfect symmetrical brows. Use the microfoam tape across the top of Mollys forhead to give you the options to draw multiple brows
Brow Mapping Practice Kit includes:
Total Kit RRP $112 - ONLY $75 (SAVE 33%) Brow Mapping can only help you draw perfect symmetrical brows ❤ Interested in Brow Mapping Classes with THink Aesthetics call now 07 33000465 to find the next available classes.