Blank Skin Practice Mat

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Blank Skin Practice Mat is available for all that practice for microblading and rotary or digital machine work. This blank latex practice mat enables you to draw and practice what you want from brow, eyeliner and lips to 3D areola.

Great to practice design own brow shapes, feather stroke styles and more! Each mat measures 19.4 x 14.3cm x 1mm and can be used for both machine and manual techniques. Practice your feather stroke design work or re-map the eyebrows to practice your powder brows or ombre brow work. Practice your design work, depth control and mapping.

Need to work on eyeliner? This latex mat is perfect for the etching techniques or two way striping for lash enhancement or that thicker eyeliner. Want extra practice providing a small winged eye liner or stardust eyeliner this little practice mat allows that also. Team it up with the cat eyeliner guide to assist with drawing the perfect symmetrical wings.

Dimensions: 18.9 x 14.5cm x 1mm
Material: Latex