Black Grip Latex Gloves

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These Black Grip Latex Gloves are Powder Free and feature amazing textured palm and finger areas to ensure your tattooing grip is maintained throughout your tattooing procedure. Gloves are an essential part to maintaining strict infection control procedures and are essential PPE when performing skin penetration procedures.

The high grip areas of the palm and fingers this helps to ensure secure grip of your tattoo machine handpiece or microblading hand tool. Be comforted knowing your gloves are made of think heavy duty latex and you can perform your tattooing procedure knowing you are well protected.

The snug fitting Black Grip Latex Gloves with the textured palm and finger the difficulty to maintain a good stretch during your treatment has been eliminated. Worried about the environment? - you can put your mind at rest, the Black Grip gloves are biodegradable.

It is essential to have tight fitting gloves during your tattooing procedure to enable a good stretch of the skin on your customer. Good stretch is essential to implanting pigment correctly into the skin during your procedure. Loose fitting and slippery gloves can be some of the main causes of losing stretch during a procedure. 

One Black Grip Latex Gloves box contains 100 pcs of gloves.

Features: Fantastic in texture. New high grip palm and finger texture ensures secure instrument grip.

Black Grip Latex Gloves for tattooing ensure firm grip and stretch. Create high quality art pieces with confidence! The Black Grip Latex Gloves comply with Australian Standards and HCAPP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for gloves.

Quantity: 100pcs
Colour: Black
Material: Latex
Sizes Avaliable: Extra Small, Small, Medium