BioTouch Pure Pigment Lip Range

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BioTouch Pure Pigments

Lip Range

BioTouch Pure Lip Pigment Range for permanent makeup is professional pigment designed for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Individual use bottles keep pigments fresh until use, and eliminate chances of cross-contamination, providing a safe clean product with every application.

These pure pigments are inorganic iron oxide pigments, they do not dry out like most pigments and have a smooth consistency throughout your procedure. The Pure Pigment contain microfine particles with Ethanol which allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixture smooth while the technician works with it.

Quantity: Single, or 6 Pack (same colour)

Bottle Size: 3ml

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About the Lip Range Colours

Pure Apple Red Contains a red/orange base. For a bold and sexy look

Pure Bright Red A vivid red that imparts a romantic flush to your pout. It will make your lips stand out! On darker lips, the results will be a deeper red wine colour.

Pure Cherry It’s a deep red cherry colour with a blue base. To neutralize the bluish on dark lip tones, first prepare with a layer of the beige colour or by mixing Chicago Red to emphasize the Cherry.

Pure Chicago Red A glamorous and passionate red that will stand out and attract everyone's attention.

Pure Earthy Red A beautiful Brownish-Red colour, a good choice for light to medium skin tones. If you are looking for a mild red, this colour is the way to go.

Pure Flamingo A bright gorgeous Pink-Orange colour. This colour will perk you right up. Looks good on most skin tones.

Pure Rose Pink This beautiful colour gives your lips a soft rosy look. Goes well with 1-2 skin tones.

Pure Rose Red It is a neutral rosy pink that can also be used on areola procedures

Pure Rosewood A subtle Brownish-Red lip colour that can be used on 1-4 lip tones but if used on 5-6 the colour might barely show.