BioTouch Pure Pigment Kits

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Pigment Kit

BioTouch Pure Pigments

Pigment Kits

BioTouch Pure Pigment Range of permanent makeup colours are professional pigments designed for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Specifically designed for Individual use the bottles keep pigments fresh until use, and eliminate chances of cross-contamination, providing a safe clean product with every application.

These pure pigments are inorganic iron oxide pigments, they do not dry out like most pigments and have a smooth consistency throughout your procedure. The Pure Pigment contain microfine particles with Ethanol which allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixture smooth while the technician works with it.

Quantity: 36 x 3ml Pigments / Box

Bottle Size: 3ml

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Also available in singles or packs of 6.

About the Kits

BioTouch Pure Pigment Kits for Cosmetic Tattooing contains 36 x 3ml pigments in each kit (6 colours with 6 bottles of each colour) with 5 great kits to choose from!

Each pre-arranged brow pigment in the pure brow pigment kit has been mapped to the Fitzpatrick Scale on skin tones 1-6, from light to dark shades.

Brow Kit Contains: Toffee, Tea Leaf, Medium Ash, Brunette, Mud Pie, Dark Chocolate.

Camouflage Kit Contains: Mushroom, White, Nude, Magic, Tea Leaf, Coffee.

Eyeliner Kit Contains: Always Black, Wet Black, Dark Chocolate, Jet Black, Green, Blue.

Lip Kit Contains: Chicago Red, Rose Pink, Flamingo, Bright Red, Cherry, Earthy Red.

Restorer / Corrector Kit Contains: Lime, Medium Ash, Olive Drab, Pink Brick, Chicago Red, Always Black.