BioTouch Pure Pigment Eyeliner Range

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BioTouch Pure Pigments

Eyeliner Range

BioTouch Pure Eyeliner Pigment Range for permanent makeup is professional pigment designed for cosmetic tattoo procedures. Individual use bottles keep pigments fresh until use, and eliminate chances of cross-contamination, providing a safe clean product with every application.

These pure pigments are inorganic iron oxide pigments, they do not dry out like most pigments and have a smooth consistency throughout your procedure. The Pure Pigment contain microfine particles with Ethanol which allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixture smooth while the technician works with it.

Quantity: Single, or 6 Pack (same colour)

Bottle Size: 3ml

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About the Eyeliner Range Colours

Pure Always Black For softer black eyeliner. It is also a great blue eyeliner restorer. The more layers applied the darker black it will appear. Mix with Jet Black for a darker look.

Pure Black A gentle Black for eyeliner. Add a drop of Pink Brick to avoid it from fading to blue. The more layers applied the darker the colour

Pure Blue Gorgeous eyeliner for blue eyes! For an eyeshadow, use diluted color or mix with other colours for a different shade of blue.

Pure Green Enhances the color in Green eyes and will bring out the green tones in hazel eyes. It delivers a powerful look to your eyeliner or eye shadow. Another corrective function of the Green is by diluting it you can use as a corrector to counteract the reddish and orange shades of the eyebrows.

Pure Jet Black Looking for darker black eyeliner without a bluish cast shadow, this is a great color to choose from. Multiple layers will achieve optimal results

Pure Wet Black A different version of our black color collection It can be premixed with blue correcter to achieve a deeper shade of black. The more layers applied, the darker it will appear.