BioTouch Mosaic Needle Sleeve

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BioTouch Mosaic Needle Sleeve is for use with the BioTouch Mosaic Machine. Directions for assembly of the BioTouch Mosaic Machine:
  • Unscrew the casings of the Mosaic machine
  • Start with the Transmission Shaft and lock this into place.
  • Place the BioTouch Mosaic Front Casing over the Transmission Shaft and tighten until snug - Do Not over tighten.
  • Place the bottom of the desired needle choice into the two small notches of the machine - the notches should lok into the holes securely
  • Place the clear, disposable Biotouch Mosaic Needle Sleeve over the needle but be careful not to bend the needle. Twist but not too tightly.
  • Choose the corresponding Biotouch Mosaic needle cap to the needle inserted into the Mosaic Machine ensuring it is securily in place. Avoid over tightening the medium needle cap as this may restrict the movement of the needle during the procedure. To adjust the needle length, turn the machine on first - then adjust the cap up or down as needed to achieve the desired needle lengh.
Choose the required needle and corresponding needle cap for the desired procedure. Best practice infection control procedures requires the technician to change all components of the BioTouch Mosaic Machine after every client. These components include the

Additionally the mosaic machine should be covered with a disposable protective barrier during the procedure - Clip Cord Sleeves and Barrier film are perfect to eliminate cross contamination between clients. If you require more grip for your machine - disposable grip tape is available. 

Single use only. Disposable Replacement.
Sterilized by gamma ray.

20 Pieces per box.