BioTouch Mosaic Needle Caps

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BioTouch Mosaic Needle Caps are for use with the BioTouch Mosaic Machine. Directions of use for the needle caps:
  1. Place the needle cap over the correct corresponding needle ensuring it is securily in place.
  2. Avoid over tightening the cap as this may restrict the movement of the needle during the procedure.
  3. To adjust the needle length, turn the machine on first - then adjust the 1 Prong needle cap up or down as needed to achieve the desired needle lengh.
Please see  BioTouch's Mosaic manual for further instructions Click Here for Manual Choose the required needle and corresponding needle cap for the desired procedure:
  • 1 Prong Needle requires Small Needle Caps
  • 2 Prong Needle requires Medium Needle Caps
  • 3 Prong Needle requires Medium Needle Caps
  • 5 Prong Needle & 7 Prong Needle require Large Needle Caps
THink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies are the only Authorized Distributor for BioTouch machines, needles and pigments - for Australia and New Zealand If the item is out of stock feel free to call the office to find when the next shipment will be arriving. Best practice infection control procedures requires the technician to change all components of the BioTouch Mosaic Machine after every client. These components include the Additionally the mosaic machine should be covered with a disposable protective barrier during the procedure - Clip Cord Sleeves and Barrier film are perfect to eliminate cross contamination between clients. If you require more grip for your machine - disposable grip tape is available. If you require more training information regarding Nationally Accredited Training for Infection Control Certificates (SHBBINF001 or HLTINF005) or the Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattoo (SHBBSKS003) contact THink Aesthetics RTO 45188 who will be happy to assist. 0733000465. Single use item. Sterilized by gamma ray.