BioTouch Mosaic Deluxe Machine Kit

$399.00 AUD

The BioTouch Mosaic Deluxe Machine Kit features an impressive Mosaic Machine that can perform 10,000-rpm, which is great for seasoned technicians that like a smooth and efficient result in a shorter amount of time.

The Deluxe Machine Kit has a powerful rotary motor, providing ultra smooth, noise free operation with support for both ROUND and FLAT needles.

Deluxe Machine Kit includes:
  • BioTouch Mosaic Machine
  • Power Adapter (US)
  • Foot Pedal
  • Component Samples:
    • Various Needles
    • Needle Caps
    • 1x Front Casing
    • 1x Transmission Shaft
    • 1x Needle Sleeve
    • 1x Finger Ring
  • Machine Oil (for maintenance)
  • Instructions Manual

An optional foot pedal is also available for hands free speed control.

Pre-sterilized disposable parts from the motor down help to eliminate cross contamination.

The Mosaic Machine can be either autoclaved, or used with disposable parts. The Mosaic rotary machine rotates up and down. The needle motion delivers an "in and out" procedure, rather than zig-zag.

Benefits of this design are:

  • A better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin
  • Up and down motion is more precise
  • Less damage / traumas to the skin
  • Higher rpm offers technicians smooth results in less time
  • Less touch-ups needed
  • Less fading means more professional results

Precision Post Needle Assembly is a convenient all in one combination base and needle piece that will easily attach to the transmission shaft and needle sleeve.

The Mosaic comes with a metal sleeve which can be autoclaved (sterilized), OR individually packaged, pre-sterilized disposable, sleeves can be used. The precision engineered tip holds the needle snugly and allows the proper amount of pigment flow for each needle configuration.

Choose the required needle and corresponding needle cap for the desired procedure. Best practice infection control procedures requires the technician to change all components of the BioTouch Mosaic Machine after every client. These components include the

Additionally the Mosaic machine should be covered with a disposable protective barrier during the procedure - Clip Cord Sleeves and Barrier film are perfect to eliminate cross contamination between clients.

If you require more grip for your machine - disposable grip tape is available.

Hink MBC Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies are an Authorized Distributor for BioTouch machines needles and Pigments BioTouch Mosaic Digital Machine Kit has all you need in one place to get started on your treatments right away.

Please note, a US to Australian Plug Adapter will be required for power cord (not included)