BioTouch Micropigment Lip Range

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BioTouch Micropigments

Lip Range

BioTouch Micropigment Lip Range are non-drying, rich, natural colours formulated with superfine particles and iron oxides for easy absorption into the skin. Quality research has gained the brand a reputation for consistency and ease of use. Colours range from neutrals to vibrant, and can complement any hair and skin tone. Use in their pure state, or mix them to customise.

Bottle Size: 16 ml

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About the Lip Range Colours

Burgundy Micropigment is a dark shade of red that goes well with all skin tones. Add Strawberry to prevent from turning to blue on darker lip tones.

Blush Micropigment is recommended for a touch of blush to lips, this colour works perfect. Recommended on 1-2 lip tone.

Cranberry Micropigment is good for working on lighter lip tones, who like deeper shades of red. Note recommended for dark lip skin tones due to the blue base in this colour.

Dark Red Micropigment is a great colour for medium lip tones. Good to apply a layer of beige as a base to make the colour stand out. Add Sunset Orange to prevent from turning too bluish on darker lip tones.

Fire Red Micropigment is an intense and vibrant red. Compliments many different skin tones. Add Sunset Orange or use Beige as a base to keep brightness on darker lip tones.

Hot Pink Micropigment goes on bright but will soften to true pink. Mix with Japanese Red for added vibrancy and fade resistance.

Japanese Ruby Micropigment is a neutral medium red. Add Hot Pink to highlight pout area. Wonderful for everyone!

Mystic Red Micropigment is an earthy brick shade, lighten with Rose Red. Add Sunset Orange to neutralize the blue undertone, for all lip tones.

Pink Micropigment is a gentle pink that will fade to a very natural lip colour. Mix with Rose Red for added depth.

Pink Mauve Micropigment is a soft pink lip colour for fair to natural lip tones.

Real Red Micropigment is a true red lip colour. Mix with Sunset Orange for darker skin tones to maintain brightness.

Rose Red Micropigment is a neutral soft rose colour for fair or light lip tones. Mix with Pink Mauve for rosier pink lips. Darken with Mystic Red.

Red Wine Micropigment is a sexy wine colour. Dark mauve lip colour. Add Sunset Orange to prevent from turning too dark.

Strawberry Micropigment is a rich, coral colour, deal for clients who love orange, bronze and warm tones. Can also be used as a great blue lip corrector.

Sunset Orange Micropigment is a soft orange-red lip colour.