BioTouch Micropigment Corrector Range

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BioTouch Micropigments

Corrector Range

BioTouch Micropigment Corrector range are non-drying, rich, natural colours formulated with superfine particles and iron oxides for easy absorption into the skin. Quality research has gained the brand a reputation for consistency and ease of use. Colours range from neutrals to vibrant, and can complement any hair and skin tone. Use in their pure state, or mix them to customise.

Bottle Size: 16ml

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About the Corrector Range Colours

Beige Micropigment is used for camouflaging and covering small mistakes. Use Skin or Taupe (brow range) colours to lighten or darken to match to desired skin tones to achieve desired skin match

Olive Micropigment can be mixed with brown colours to prevent brows from turning to orange, pink or purple. For corrective work, add few drops to neutralize orange, pink or purple shades

Orange Micropigment can be used to neutralise deep blue pigment

Skin Micropigment a light flesh tone colour that can lighten and soften your tattoo. Can also be used to camouflage mistakes or scars. Use Beige or Taupe colours to lighten or darken to match to desired skin tones to achieve desired skin match

White Micropigment to lighten any colour. Do not use straight for camouflage.

Yellow Micropigment lightens up dark browns to give a more golden shade.

Blue Brow Neutralizer Micropigment is used to neutralize blue-greyish eyebrows. Additional tips include it can be used as a base colour to even the lip tone, before applying any lip colour. Also recommended to even out the areola colour shades.

Blue Brow Corrector Micropigment can be used to correct blue and grey eyebrows/brows.