BioTouch Microblading Pigment Range

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BioTouch Microblading Pigments

Formulated for Microblading

BioTouch Microblading Pigment Range are specifically formulated for microblading.

The Microblading Range formula is special made to produce defined hair strokes with lasting precision and definition, with colours that are tailored to the Fitzpatrick Scale for skin tones.

Bottle Size: 16 ml

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About the Microblading Colours

Asian Brown Pigment is one of the most popular colours, great for general tone blending and that natural look.
Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin tones 1-4.

Camel Brown Pigment is an amazing colour suitable for fair skinned clients that desire a softer more natural look.
Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin tones 1-2.

Royal Olive Pigment has an olive undertone that is best used for European and Spanish that have warm skin tones. Works well for colour correcting slightly pink or orange brows.
Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin tones 4-5.

True Night Pigment is the darkest brown pigment in the microblading range.
Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin tones 4-6.

Yellow Lighten Pigment is applied to pigments to lighten any brow colour or create more golden brow shades.