BioTouch Pigment Holder Dish (7 wells)

$28.00 $30.00

BioTouch Pigment Holder Dish is an acrylic dish which is a round and flat with 7 wells for pigment sponge caps.

Recommended for use to hold your pigments and anaesthetics.

Assists with tidiness and hygiene.

If using the Pigment Cup with Sponge, a good tip is to keep the sponges in pots when using pigments and remove when using anaesthetics.

Aditionally fits the Pigment Cup Medium

During a procedure cover with Barrier Film for added protection, clean with alcohol wipes or hospital grade disinfectant following a PMU or Tattoo procedure.

If you require more training information regarding Nationally Accredited Training for Infection Control Certificates (SHBBINF001 or HLTINF005) or the Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattoo (SHBBSKS003) contact THink Aesthetics RTO 45188 who will be happy to assist. 0733000465.