Belmacil Lash & Brow Tint 20ml

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Belmacil Lash and Brow Tints are suitable for tinting eyelashes and eyebrow hairs. The Belmacil tinting range includes 10 shades that can be mixed and matched to find the perfect shade for your client.

Size: 20mL (~100 applications per tube)

About the colour range:

  • #1 Black - Produces a rich, solid black shade. #1 Black is the darkest colour in the Belmacil range, and perfect for clients with black to dark brown hair. Can be used for lash or brow tinting.
  • #2 Blue/Black - This colour will add even further depth than Belmacil Black #1 by adding a dark blue lustre to the lashes, to give you that little bit extra for eyelash tinting.
  • #3 Dark Brown - Darkest brown tint in the range. Produces a very intense, cool, deep brown with ash black undertones. Ideal for clients with darker brown hair, or who are looking for a strong brow look.
  • #3.1 Light Brown - Ash based light brown that is most suitable for use on cool blondes and light brunettes. It can be mixed with other shades to achieve a stronger colour.
  • #3.3 Honey Brown -  A warm light brown shade, this colour suits blondes and very light brown hair. Can be mixed with other shades of Belmacil brown to achieve lighter or deeper look (depending on what you mix it with).
  • #4 Blue - Suitable for blonde clients or mix with the Belmacil #1 Black for a customized Blue-Black suitable for any customer.
  • #5 Graphite - Produces a soft, cool grey that can be intensified by blending with other shades. Suitable to cover white or grey hair.
  • #6 Violet - An amazing colour for all customers. Mix with #5 Graphite to give a pleasing soft effect.
  • #7 Green - Suitable for blonde clients or mix with the Belmacil #1 Black for a customized Green-Black suitable for any customer but especially stunning for customer with green eyes.
  • #8 Red - Suitable for client's with auburn, burgundy or red-brown hair. Can be mixed with shades of Belmacil brown to tailor to your clients individual style. Style tip - for bolder results try lightening with Belmacil lightening crème before tinting with Belmacil Red to unleash a Raunchy Ruby Red!

Belmacil tints must be used in conjunction with the Belmacil Cream Oxidant.