Barrier Film


The Self Adhesive Barrier Film is a a blue adhesive wrap with regular perforated sheets, to enable easy tearing off the required sheets.

Barrier Film is a must have for any salon or tattoo studio for an added barrier for infection control during tattoo or PMU procedures.

Adhesive Wrap Sheets are perforated.

Thin sheet of adhesive plastic effectively covers anything you may touch during a skin penetration procedure.

Cover such items as:

  • light handles,
  • chair controls,
  • tattoo and PMU machines,
  • tattoo and PMU handpiece machines,
  • handles,
  • light fittings, and
  • draw handles, etc.

Takes only seconds to apply and remove and does not leave residue.

Size: 10.16 x 15.24 cm

Unit: 1200/Box

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Recommended by Industry Professionals and Artists.