5D Soft Lip Practice Mouth

$19.50 AUD

Stretchy, soft, textured & interactive!

This 4D Lip Practice Mould provides a feeling like no other to practice lip tattooing on. Great for practicing as a beginner or trialling advanced techniques

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This 5D soft lip practice mouth model is designed to imitate skin texture and softness by using a quality silicone composite material. The material provides a texture is similar to skin, and softness that provides feedback and more realistic movement for lip practice.

The practice model is able to be tattooed with pigments for technicians to practice lip tattoo techniques. The soft rubber provides feedback that imitates real lip softness and movement for students learning or even advanced technicians to practice pmu lip treatments.


  • Soft 5D mouth mould for lip practice
  • Semi-realistic softness, texture and movement
  • Great for students learning lip tattooing
  • Advanced practice mould for lips
  • Can be tattooed with pigments for cosmetic tattoo practice

Material: Silicone Composite